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David Stillness

David Boreanaz Stillness
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This is a weekly icon challenge community featuring David Boreanaz. This community was inspired by quebelly's buffy_stillness

1. You have to join in order to participate.
2. Icons cannot be animated.
3. Only submit new icons, do not post old ones.
4. Do not post the icons anywhere before the voting is over.
5. The icons have to apply lj standarts (100x100).
6. Only use the given pictures unless stated otherwise.
7. Submit your icons with the URL and IMG

Voting rules...
You'll have to vote for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, best coloring, best cropping, best text and most creative.

1. Vote for your favorite icons using the given form.
2. Do not vote for yourself.
3. Do not tell others to vote for you.

The staff...
Owner: damnskippytoo
Mod: valerie_jackson

Main Header by taikowinds
Profile Header by rua1412
Default Icon by 2bbornot2bb
Challenge Graphics (New Challenge, Voting, Winners, Reminders) by valerie_jackson
Profile code by orla_dark
Our Banner Makers are tempertemper & taikowinds
A huge thanks to setje and her site Boreanazists for the wonderful pictures of David that she graciously allows us to use. :::mwwaaahhh:::